Strategy & Planning: Market & Go to market planning

Our go-to-market (GTM) strategy and planning helps B2B organisations bring their products and services to market. It generally includes a considered plan navigating the target audience, marketing plan, and sales strategy, typically mapping a market problem and solution a product offers.

With internal focus so often on the product itself we put the buyer mindset front and centre, identifying messaging and content opportunities at touchpoints that will overcome barriers and resonate with motivations. And because we're exposed to so many B2B experiences and insights, we've built quite a reputation for knowing what works where. Saving you a lot of time, effort and investment to focus on optimising performance.

What we do

  • Market analysis and orientation
  • Target audience insight immersion and discovery
  • Prospect segmentation and categorisation
  • Customer persona mapping
  • Competitor review and appraisal of market opportunities
  • Product mapping and explanation
  • Pricing
  • Sales and buyer journey development
  • Go to market mechanics
  • Creation of go to market plans

Selected projects