Case Study

AAT - Case Study

How AAT aligned functions and enhanced team knowledge to live and breathe digital content



The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the world’s leading professional body for accounting technicians. They currently have over 140,000 members in more than 90 countries. AAT aims to deliver world class marketing to attract and retain aspiring and established accounting professionals.

Fundamental to this goal is the delivery of a high quality programme of marketing activities aimed at attracting a strong pipeline of new students and engaging them throughout their journey with AAT.

AAT has a variety of different audiences and touchpoints. The digital journey is absolutely critical to AAT and the creation of appropriate, relevant and engaging content to support these is essential. We were challenged to review AAT’s approach to video - to identify a number of steps that can be taken to move AAT to achieve high performance, excellent organisational process and strong return on investment for video content.


  • Immersing ourselves in the business with background research and stakeholder workshops to develop an understanding of the role that marketing and communications plays along with understanding goals and objectives for content. This helped to uncover areas of need, recommendations and priority tasks that should be addressed.
  • Four areas of focus were highlighted:


  • Creation and implementation of a digital content steering group - a working group within AAT that is actively involved in the commissioning, creation and measurement of digital content with a view to streamlining internal processes and creating high quality relevant outputs that deliver on objectives. We act as a sounding board and attend regular meetings to review overall strategy, new briefs, pain points and challenges that need to be refined and a review of content and results. [image of steering group meeting]

  • Joining the dots between internal functions - the steering group provides a platform for previously disparate business functions to come together, collaborate, share and learn from one another

  • Improved leads and website conversion - after rigorous testing, aat have proven that video engagement uplifts website conversion

  • Consistency across the organisation - a brand toolkit of best practice, including guidelines and ‘how to guides’ along with a regularly updated list of content and assets ensures that the aat brand is adhered to with consistency across all stakeholders and outputs

  • Maximised investment - by sharing plans and content, aat have realised significant budget and resource efficiencies.