Employee & Internal Communications

Our perspective

Engaging and retaining high quality colleagues in B2B technology is tough. There always seems to be a competitive offer just around the corner and it doesn’t take much to turn heads, and hearts.

We know from working closely with HR Directors that colleagues across B2B organisations now expect more communications that enrich their employee experience than ever. Leaders have to respond accordingly and that doesn’t mean hiding behind an all staff email. Face to face and increasingly digital employee experiences go a long way to supporting culture and demonstrating to team members that they are in the right place to progress their careers.

Our offering

We know how the forced experience of lockdown has forced both employers and employees to reconsider ways of working. Hard working team members can only be expected to participate in so many one way video calls.

Working closely with HR functions we bring your internal communications to life in a way that makes employees proud. From the moment a new starter joins to organisational checkpoints and milestones that matter to your business. And to your team.

Insights and thinking

Applying our expertise to B2B Employee & Internal Communications challenges