Customer Experience

Our perspective

It never seizes to amaze how many B2B brands put new customer acquisition as a higher priority than existing customers. We’ve all seen comparisons between cost per acquisition versus retention so why is customer experience so often the poor relation?

Wherever they may sit in their relationship and lifecycle with your B2B organisation, onboarding,  cross selling and upselling, then ultimately  retaining existing customers who know your brand, trust your product and have a bond with your team deserve greater focus. Even where investment levels do not support this, we plan and create customer experiences that have a disproportionately positive impact.

Our offering

We challenge ourselves to understand your customers as well as, ideally better than those working with them every day. Always mining for those insights and touchpoints that will make the critical difference between a customer becoming a loyal advocate who will happily refer you to their network, to a disenfranchised rejector who falls into your winback segment.

It will come as little surprise that with increased planning and focus around customer experience, we more often than not see our B2B Client partners enjoy improved return on investment in the form of enhanced customer lifetime value and referrals.

Insights and thinking

Applying our expertise to B2B Customer experience challenges