Candidate & Talent Attraction

Our perspective

The battle for talent in B2B technology is tough. Filling the funnel with high quality candidates is just part of the challenge. 

We know from working closely with HR Directors that candidates now demand a more colourful picture than ever of what it’s really like to work for your organisation. Gone are the days of posting a job vacancy with a bullet point list of job specification, benefits and package, Even when it does include free breakfast and a table tennis table. 

Our offering

We know that the employment needs and demands of a millenial differ enormously to those who may be making a switch from a competitor later in their career. We also know how the forced experience of lockdown has forced both employers and employees to reconsider ways of working.

Working closely with HR functions we bring your employee experience to life in the same way a product or service would be planned and executed. Exploring what makes working for you different to the next employer. Then bringing it to life in the most personalised and relevant ways possible that make those considering you go ‘wow - I want them as much as they want me.

Insights and thinking

Applying our expertise to B2B Candidate & Talent Attraction challenges